Hey there,

Okay… we’ve just been given approval from Sony for our build for the PAL and NTSC territories, so we’ll finally be able to get our game in your hands. The Sony TRC “technical requirements checklist” process is tough, but in some ways it is good as it makes for tighter code. We’ll be talking about a release date and other details shortly. We’re now just waiting on the PEGI approval in the next week and we’re on! We’ve long been fans of the older PS2 surfing games – you know, Transworld, Sunny Garcia and Kelly Slater and it’s been fun developing The Surfer on the PS3 with these games on our debug PS2 on the TV next to each other. It’s interesting to see the similarities and differences, but now it’s time for you to judge. We’ve also put together a series of movies to help you come to grips with the controls, camera and so on so hopefully you find these helpful.

So while we’ve been waiting for the various approvals we’ve begun work on the first of our DLC levels, Monsters in Hawaii. It’s based loosely on Jaws on Maui and so far so good. We’ve got an intern in with us the moment, Sam, and he’s working on creating some new jet-skis and tow in specific boards. They are shaping up nicely. Jack is working on the level itself beginning with the waves. We’re aiming to try and have this wave intimidate us as players as you find in reality. Generating “fear” in a surfing game isn’t that easy but we’ve come up with some ideas that might help. The waves themselves are enormous and dwarf any of the waves we’ve created so far. As usual, lots of bugs and additional gameplay items to work through and it’s kind of odd developing a massive laundry list of “to do” items again. Stay tuned for more news soon!


The Bungarra Team