We’d like to thank some of our friends, partners and supporters of The Surfer console game. They’ve been with us since the beginning – each of them great surfing brands in their own right. Check em’ out, you won’t be disappointed!

Annesley Surfboards


Annesley Surfboards is the modern, standout premium brand offering you more. More customer interaction, a larger choice of models incorporating advanced surfboard design evolution and innovation, and unmatched quality and performance for the price. With nearly 20 years experience and devotion, designer/shaper Nigel Annesley has the knowledge, ability and technology to create that magic custom shape of your dreams..

Noll Surfboards



Greg “Da Bull” Noll was not only one of the most charismatic and fearless big wave pioneers of Hawaii in the 1950s and ‘60s, but also one of the biggest names in surfboard manufacturing. Greg’s son Jed, is no slouch himself and opened the doors of the Noll Surfboards flagship store in San Clemente in April 2009. Having working shaping bays, vintage Noll surfboards on display as well as having a gallery full of wood surfboards and art shaped by Greg and Jed that is constantly evolving has made this shop a destination spot for all ages.

Garage Handplanes


Garage Handplanes (Avalon Beach, Sydney) designs and produces high quality, performance based bodysurfing handplanes. Bodysurfing is about getting in the ocean and being embraced by its natural energy – surfing in its simplest, purest form. At Garage Handplanes, David Archer and his crew love nothing more than immersing themselves in the waves, sliding along their faces and getting wrapped up in their barrels. They have poured decades of experience and years of testing into each of their designs, creating a range of handplanes that will help you catch more waves, get deeper in the barrel and, most importantly, have a heap more fun, whatever your ability.

Surfco Hawaii



Surfco Hawaii was established in 1986 to distribute the Nose Guard. Nose Guards proved to be the best solution in reducing injuries caused by the surfboard nose tip. In the winter of 1986, the Nose Guard was introduced and tested by top professional surfers on the North Shore of Hawaii. Since then, Surfco Hawaii has invented and produced many unique products, such as the Diamond Tip, Quick Fix, Hot Grip and Pro Teck Fins. These products have earned Surfco Hawaii an international reputation as a source for quality surfing products.