Feb, 2014

Howzit, Just a quick update on our travels down here is sunny Freo. We’re still flat out adding content to our game trying to do a job of 50 with too few, but we’re getting there. We’re in the final throes of tweaking the jetski physics which has been a mission to say the least. But now you can flip your player control easily enough between the surfer and jetski –  and you can release on to the wave, surf away busting air, lip bashing, getting barrels etc in the usual way. It’s working pretty well in the tidal bore level and we’ve tweaked the physics there too so you realistically get pushed back from oncoming waves, making paddling a bit tougher and the need for a jetski thus greater. The physics on a real tidal bore is a bit different from an ocean wave so there’s been a lot of work done there. It’s a lot more realistic but most importantly, it feels good and it’s pretty fun. Getting the feeling of surfing right is a focus for us. The big wave stuff is next and now we’ve gotten over the jetski hump we’re going to work on monster wave physics which we’re pretty pumped about. Oh, and we’ve had a great programming intern from Murdoch in with us over the summer break who has set up our character select/ equipment select code so that you can select from a range of gear (that actually has some genuine effect on gameplay). So soon you’ll be winning money at comps, buying new boards, wetsuits etc and making sure you look after snapped surfboards – that damage and snap in game/real-time. Thanks to Karl. Anyway, check out the early PS3 pic on our FB page and you can see how the split screens coming along so far.