January 2013

Happy new year to you all. Over the Xmas break we’d been pretty busy. We’ve just released V1.08 and a V1.08 Patch and in this update we’ve implemented some Direct X fixes, all of the cameras are now active, we’ve also got a new cheat code area that is pretty cool. If you want to unlock all of the levels and just cruise, type in “MattandJack” and surf your brains out.

We’re now looking to focus primarily on the PS3 version and we’ve started that work in earnest. It’s a tricky beast (which is well documented) so we’re figuring out our way forward as we go. So far so good though – touch wood. As we build the PS3 we’re also fixing small bugs for our Windows build that we’ll be updating again in the not too distant future. In all, the game is getting tighter and we’re adding more content which is pleasing.