Hey there,
We’ve updated the build with a new patch. We’re still going flat out on our graphics engine port update, but at the same time we’re keeping an eye on the build with a view to fixing issues that do need fixing. Not a big list this time around, but important little fixes to continue to remove any known friction points in the gameplay. Just had Sony approval for the patch and it’s live now. Here’s what’s in it:
– Increased the amount of auto-turning when the surfer is facing up the wave, so that you can turn back down the wave a lot easier.
– Added in the ability to press X during a wipeout sequence to skip through it. A annoyance for some people. We recently added more severe wipeouts in big waves and part of this is a more severe end of wave cutscene sequence. To overcome severe hold-downs in big waves, you can increase your wipeout stamina in the shop, and /or if you want you can skip the sequence entirely. The impact on you will still be severe on your stamina, but the underwater cutscene can now be skipped allowing for faster play.
– Removed the whitewater particles from the ends of the waves in Fernando’s Cove.
– Reduced the amount of time before the surfer wipes out when they are in stall and are facing up the wave.
– Introduced multilingual (English, French, Brazilian Portuguese) warning message screens for the Monsters location and levels. The game detects whether the right boards are being used and displays a “big-wave” warning message if they are using the wrong boards. Improved character stats for big waves are also recommended. This is because performance is hampered for players if the incorrect equipment is selected for very large waves.