July 13th, 2016

Hey all, here is an update of where we are at with the development. We’re still working our way toward Sony submission. In the past few months and as we get closer to submission we have been super busy. Some of our long list of laundry items include:

  • Some great work done on some character modelling and animation for our games shop area
  • We’ve recorded and dropped in character voices for our cut-scenes
  • We’ve started optimizing our frame-rate
  • Working on level to level crashes and memory optimisations
  • Testing and bug fixing our local 2 Player split-screen game mode
  • Implemented the basic Brazilian and French localisations
  • Started to seek various territory approvals from each statutory body such as PEGI
  • And also fixed a pile of bugs
  • We’ve also built a new website and trailer

The next immediate goals are to get through the various statutory approvals, continue to address the Sony technical requirements checklist and continue to test and bug fix. We’re still about 2 or 3 months away from Sony submission and then once into the process, we’ll have a better idea of a release date once we get there. Ultimately we’d like to develop versions for the PS4 and XboxOne as well, but we’ll walk first and see how far we get.