Hey there,

We’re uploading a new patch shortly. Here’s what’s in it:

  • We’ve adjusted the length of the wave in Ledge Rock round one and the repechage. The previous waves in those levels were too short and too hard for new players
  • We’ve added the alpha back to the particles as people complained about not being able to see ahead of the action, which is fair enough. So we’ve changed it back to the way it originally was
  • We’ve added a controller screen to the tutorial flow and removed the wave type section at the beginning of the tutorial to allow people to start the lessons earlier and easier
  • We’ve adjusted default camera position to the near, and made the camera go around to the side of the player when they are going across the wave.
  • Adjusted the planes on the load screens, to ensure they are landing.
  • Added in code to level out the jetski’s pitch when in the air.
  • Lowering the volume of the audio when wiping out.
  • Reduced the animation speed of the frontside layback carve + slide and the backside pivot + slide
  • Fixed problem with music streams occasionally causing crashes when closing.
  • Fixed some problems with continuing on with a save.
  • Increased the cash amount the surfers start with.
  • Adjusted the jetski direction display when trying to grab the tow rope to make it smaller.

The Monsters DLC has taken us a lot longer than expected, but we’re certainly close now. We’ll be back with more news, some screens and a new trailer soon, so stay locked!