November 2012

We’ve just released our Version 1.06 build and we’re working toward 1.07. Download the demo to try it out but if you’re happy you’re the build you’ve got and it is compatible with your machine, no need to download the patch. We’re realizing that as we update each build that some people prefer to keep the current build, whilst others like to collect each build as we develop the code. This build has taken us a while to get together and its sole aim is to support Direct X (as well as GL). We’ve had some technical issue with our opening movie via Phyreengine for this DirectX build, so we’ve dropped the movie out for now along with the movie in the menu. Don’t worry though – we will update the movie again in the next build. We did this so that we could release a decent build in time but we’ll be working toward a solution on this shortly. The other adjustment we’ve made is to the camera position at the top of the wave / slide moves. Based on the feedback, we’ve pulled it down lower again as it was too high. The main problem we face is that the camera cuts or passes through the wave during these moves, which is really off-putting when it happens. So we’ve had to take into account the surfer position at this juncture and we’ve attempted to improve the camera during these moves. We could even look to lower the camera instead of increasing the height and we can see what that looks like instead, but let us know your thoughts on this. As we develop the PS3 version and aside from more levels and game modes, some of the next things on the list are to further improve the animations, wave characteristics – such as more closeouts and easier barrels which are probably too punishing at the moment.